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finance director

  • Direct and coordinate financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, or increase efficiency.
  • Confer with board members, or staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities, or resolve problems.
  • Analyze operations to evaluate company’s performance or its staff in meeting objectives or to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change.
  • Preside over or serve on boards of directors.
  • Prepare and present reports concerning expenses, budgets, or other items affecting business.
  • Establish departmental responsibilities and coordinate functions among departments and stores.
  • Coordinate activities of businesses involved with buying or selling investment products.

finance director

  • Direct and supervise a team in charge of all finance contracts for new and used vehicles sold by Dealership.
  • Administer contracts in transit, review DMV compliancies and build relations with finance institutions.
  • Control finance managers schedules and sales objectives for each individual.
  • Train finance managers on new guidelines of manufacture incentives and percentage rates.
  • Build  solid relations with Bank institutions that are used to fund all financed contracts.
  • Have a well find tune relationship between finance and sales departments to accomplish giving the client the best experience possible.   

finance director

  • Lead and liaise fundraising efforts and coordination between the Baker and Polito Committees for re-election.
  • Oversee team of 15+ full-time staffers to develop, implement and execute a comprehensive finance plan.
  • Manage all Event, Online and Direct Mail revenue streams for the Polito Committee.
  • Continued coordination with the Massachusetts Republican Party State and Federal (Massachusetts Victory) Funds. 
  • Between all revenue streams, will have assisted in raising a record setting revenues from 2014 – 2018. 
  • On track to raise more funds than any other candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor in Massachusetts history.

finance director/manager

  • Contact Lenders from Loan institutions fore approvals
  • Overlook finance solicitors
  • structure and approve the vehicle purchase and lead them into the right direction to purchase a vehicle.
  • Train finance solicitors 
  • Checked Video from every finance transaction to protect Ancira organizations from any legal problems
  • Maintained 2200-2600 a copy

finance director

  • Structured deals and negotiated with financial institutions to get deals financed
  • Maintained and ensured dealership compliace, both state and federal
  • Trained and developed new and existing F&I manager utilizing Zurich Streamlined Selling System.
  • Monitored dealer Contract in Transit revenue to ensure deals were funded in a very timely manner.
  • Fostered and maintained a solid relationship between the F&I department and the Sales Desk